What is Dead Burned Dolomite?
Sintered Dolomite, also known as Dead-Burned Dolomite (DBD), is the product resulting from calcining the dolomite from 1,400ºC to 1,800ºC for a period of time, thus obtaining magnesium oxide crystals (periclase) and of calcium oxide.

This product is an alternative to Magnesite. It is mainly used for the Refractory Industry as an element in formulation of “Tempered” pieces as “Baked”. With these pieces the ladles for casting of scrap metal are configured. At the same time, it is an essential ingredient for the production of “Masses” for slabs and refractory gunites.


Crude Dolomite, after passing through the calcination process and in the same industrial area is made into Sintered Dolomite, generating a new mineral: Periclase. This process is carried out with a vertical oven with temperatures of over 1,800ºC. 

Once the final product is obtained, it is classified in various grain sizes, adapting to the requirements of each sector targeted.

CaO MgO calcinado + Tª (>1.800ºC) -> CaO MgO PERICLASA (Cristales de Oxido de Mg).