What is Calcined Dolomite?

Calcined dolomite is obtained by the calcination of dolomite, with a high content in calcium and magnesium carbonate CaMg(CO3)2.

This product has mainly steel applications to improve slagging and to lengthen the lifespan of the refractory linings of ovens and ladles. Also, in metallurgy, chemistry, manufacture of refractory bricks and in stabilization in the process of manufacture of glass, improving its resistance to the aggression of gases and humidity.  It can also be used in waste water and sludge treatment, as well as in fertilization and conditioning of terrains.


The calcined dolomite is obtained from heating of the crude dolomite to 800ºC in a horizontal oven.

Once the final product is obtained, it is classified in various grain sizes, adapting to the requirements of each sector targeted


CaMg(CO3)2 + Tª (800ºC) -> CaO MgO calcinado + 2Co2