Las dolimías tienen su principal aplicación en el sector industrial: siderurgia y fabricación de vidrio plano. Pero también tiene usos en la agricultura ecológica.

Main Uses of Dolomite

In the steel industrie as...

  • Purifying action in steels
  • Protective action of refractory lining

In the manufacture of Flat Glass...

  • Improves stability
  • Decreases tendency to devitrification
  • Increases viscosity of the glass
  • Lengthens the thermal interval of moldability
  • Increases resistance to abrupt temperature changes
  • Allows reduction of % of Silica and quantity of fluxes

In Ecological Agriculture...

  • Allows neutralization of soil acidity (AMENDMENT)
  • Soil conditioning, so that the crop assimilates the nutrients in optimal conditions. el terreno, para que el cultivo asimile los nutrientes en condiciones óptimas.
  • Eliminates the phytotoxicity of aluminium, a basic element of silicates, by transformation of other ionic types that are non-toxic for crops.
  • Reduces solubility of heavy metals
  • Ca/Mg status regulator of soils, its adaptation for agricultural use.
  • Magnesium is a component of chlorophyll, necessary for the development of the chemical process of plant photosynthesis.
  • Products in oxide form are assimilated and quickly correct the pH of the soil while carbonates have medium-term assimilation and regulating effect.


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